Digital Innovation Unit To Support Your Transformation

The first step in creating your Digital Innovation Unit is to ensure that your top management understands the impact of digital technologies on your business. Building awareness among the top management is good, but building a network of internal and external specialist is even better. Large companies survive not by replacing the old with the new, but by leveraging existing resources and new capacities to create creative collisions. In order to do that the company should consider the Digital Innovation Unit as an independent and transversal unit with a business model that will have is own life.

Evolution of the unit:

  1. The market is changing and your company business model needs to change.
  2. You create a Digital Innovation Unit and new processes in response to the market.
  3. Modular construction of the Digital Innovation Unit.
  4. Your digital innovations bears fruit.
  5. The company demands a return on investment.

At World of Digits we provide talents that will support your digital transformation and innovation initiatives.


  • Digital Innovations crafted for the market/departments
  • Metrics for the job to accomplish
  • Data on the context of work
  • Flexible business unit model
  • Thoughts about the mission and the context


  • Digital Innovation spirit
  • Metrics on the income statements
  • Data on the clients/ Digital Projects
  • Implementing and testing processes
  • Voice of the company, product, market, clients and competitors


  • Effective Digital Innovations
  • Balance sheet and reporting on metrics
  • Data on the costs and the efficiency
  • Rigid business unit model to favour modularity

Source: MIT Sloan Management, October 2016.