UX or User Experience is all about designing easy-to-operate, easy-to-understand digital touch-points for people, providing them with what they truly want. This therefore represents a crucial niche to be developed. More specifically, taking into account the immense and continuous proliferation of all sorts of websites, mobile applications or other digital products is truly important for the companies developing them.

UX is an all-encompassing exercise. It is not just about the device, nor the software, but it is about the entire experience that both customers and employees experience with any kind of software system. This is the reason why, at World Of Digits, we advocate a user-Centric approach for your UX development.

We are able to help your company as regards several UX domains. We also have all the specific expertise to accompany the development of your desired website, application or digital product.

The domains in which we specialize in are;


That kind of expertise enables to dissect or illuminate the interaction between the end-user and the digital device. What do users touch ? What do they see ? How does the user flow through the interface of the website, application or digital touch-point and how can this be optimized?


This expertise focuses on the interactive flow of any application. Navigating through a website or an application needs to be effortless and smooth for the end-user. How can this be enabled and improved ?


This expertise enables to analyse both the branding and the visual identity of the application, that is to say the looks and feels to the end-user. Their first impressions are crucial and will not allow any coming back. World of Digits will thus help you mitigate this very risk and turn it into an opportunity.

We believe UX constitutes a valuable asset that exponentially enhances the value of your business. We are thus devoted to understanding your users as well as developing experiences that respond to both your needs and theirs. We therefore make sure we understand who your target audience is by answering the following questions: what is their socio-demographic background? Are they consumers or employees? Are they part of another business? And then, more particularly, how are they going to use the app? In other words, what do they want to achieve? And where are they going to use it?

We know that a good design can save time in the long-term as well as reduce overall development costs. If you get it right at the outset, you are positioned for future success. Trust us, when it comes to UX, we think about your audience first, as it is all about the “U”, the user, in UX.