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User Experience is about designing easy-to-understand digital touch-points for people, providing them with what they need-and-want. More specifically, we take in account the continuous evolution in usage, users and interactions to help your product/service reach higher grounds with a Design Thinking approach from our User Centric Design mindsets.

UX is an all-encompassing exercise. It is not just about the device, nor the software behind it: it regards rather the entire experience that both customers and employees go through using it. At World Of Digits, we advocate for your use: to craft stories, branding strategies, services that give the end user something memorable to experience.

User Research

This field enables for a profound understanding of the user’s needs-and-wants. What they see, feel and remember and in what micro-context. All of these define a user’s journey with your product, which is why Research is a big deal at World Of Digits.

Interaction design

This expertise focuses on the interactive flow. Navigating through a website or an app needs be effortless and smooth for the end-user. As for findability and information accuracy, all of these are proven to be critical to your product development strategy.

Visual Design

This expertise enables for a better branding stratagey and the visual identity of the application, that is to say the looks and feels to the end-user. Their first impressions are crucial and will not allow any coming back. World of Digits will thus help you mitigate this very risk and turn it into an opportunity.

UX design is also about smoothening the dialog between development teams, business developers and stakeholders. The ultimate goal of a User-Centric Design approach to me is to steer the company as a organization and make profound change from within.

Kevin Monthé

UX Design Consultant, World of Digits

“Users are becoming rather more demanding and exigeant regarding their everyday experience with a software enabled service or product. To face this change in industry, User Experience Design has become a competitive asset.”

Camille Laine

Digital Project Manager, World of Digits

Ux design critically enhance the value of your business. At World of Digits, we are devoted to understanding your users as well as developing experiences that respond to both your needs and theirs. 

From the insights we get, we design for the best with Agile ad Lean Methodologies: this project management processes are iterative, with each phase, we only get closer to a product that answers both your customers’ needs and your business requirements, while saving development costs altogether.

Trust us, when it comes to UX, we think about your audience first.