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At World of Digits, our goal is to deliver consulting services that create outstanding experiences for your employees and your customers. Not just some of them. All of them.

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World of Digits

World of Digits


It’s all about experiences

We are a tribe of designers, technologists, UX researchers, product, project and change practitioners. We have developed new methods to work with our clients to help their teams transform their organization and creating new experiences with emerging technologies. We offer time & materials and fixed price solutions.

About WOD
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“Highly engaged employees make the customer experience. Disengaged employees break it.”Timothy R. Clark

We envision what is possible, then work hand-in-hand to develop and deliver cutting-edge experiences in the area of: UX Design Thinking, Tech & Strategy, Product, Project & Change Management .

  • Discovery Experience Design

    Design Thinkers, UX Researchers, UI Designers, BA & FA bring together user needs and business ideas with a clear, compelling vision to explore and build customer & employee-centric innovations, based on new technologies.

  • Planning Strategy & Backlog

    Agile strategists support our clients in the process of designing and defining their strategy, or backlog, and help them in making decisions on technology and resources allocation to pursue their goals. They may also extend to define control mechanisms for guiding the implementation of the project.

  • Transformation Delivery Product, Project & Change Management

    Product, Project & Change managers coordinate the project in clients offices or at World of Digits. They often represent client needs, deliver the vision, and give the pace to squad members. They keep everyone focused to create new value sources, improve digital assets and push the limits of new digital experiences.

Who is World of Digits?

We are a tribe of designers, UX researchers, project & change practitioners, and more. Our shared values (Be optimistic, Collaborate, Take ownership; Learn & Grow) and beliefs (Attitude, Culture, Leadership & Knowledge) influence the work that we do, and the positive impact we hope to achieve.

Our areas of expertise
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Our clients
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We care about people. They are at the very heart of our work and engagement towards our clients. We care about creating a group of passionate experts that all share common traits.

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Positive Thinking Mindset

One team, one positive attitude. We believe in curiosity, passion, and open-minded attitudes. Our solution-oriented approach is at the core of our commitment.

Collaborative Performance

Developing a culture of high-functioning and supportive teams. No Ego & No politics. We learn how to work together effectively thanks to shared values and goals.


Demonstrating commitment in supporting the goals and overall strategy of the company. At the end it’s all about getting shit done. We encourage autonomy with all our employees. Our goal is to awaken the entrepreneur within all of them.


We perform constant experimentations and learn by doing. We are agile, embrace change and adapt to our evolving economy.

Are you looking for a digital expert?

We provide Digital Native Consultants to support your organization into the Digital Age. You will find inspiring, passionate and flexible talents, skilled by diverse digital projects.

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At World of Digits, our mission is to create great experiences all around us. We achieve this by promoting intrapreneurship, innovation, positive thinking and collaborative performance.

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