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Persona Building

Personas represent the user types that may use your product or service. A persona is built by giving a user type a personality (including a name, photo, hobbies…) and describing their goals, values, fears and painpoints.

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Personify the needs and requirements of the users. Better understand a using context. Help the project team to keep in mind user’s habits and to ideate on the best solution.


You would need persona if you want to create or improve a product, service or process. Persona would help you to define the best design opportunities according to the real needs. Persona would then help you in the decision making process of a product development.

Your step by step guide to run the method

There are several variations of Personas 

Goal-directed personas – It focuses on what would do a typical user with one product. Goal-oriented personas are based upon user research and lead to understand the workflow and process the users would prefer to use one product.

Role-based personas – Role based personas are mainly data driven and incorporate both quantitative and qualitative data. It focuses on the user’s role in the organisation, regarding specific using context and regarding specific business objectives.

Engaging personas – These personas encompasses emotions of users, psychology and background to make the personas more relevant as possible. It aims to deeply involve the design team in the development process and makes the designers more engaged with them.

Fictional personas – It emerges from the experience and knowledge of a UX team. It is made of assumptions based upon passed interaction between users and your services and products.

Fictional personas – It will drive the first steps of a UX design process but won’t be trusted as a guide in the full process of development.


STEP 1 – Data collection

You need to collect as much knowledge as possible about your users, their habits and using
context. You can run interviews, focus groups, shadow sessions to form a general idea about
your users within the focus area of the project.

STEP 2 – Persona description

Based on the knowledge you previously gathered, you need to decide the final number of personas to create. Afterwards, you can start to describe your personas. The main objective of persona is to support designing process in product and service development by focusing on users needs and goals. So make sure your persona provides a great understanding of users. For doing that, we advice to describe your personas according to
• User’s education, lifestyle, interests, values, goals, needs, pain points…
All information that must giving a strong knowledge of your users
• Fictional personal details to make the persona more realistic
• A fictional name
• 1-2 pages of persona

STEP 3 – Using personas for ideas development

With the personas you just created, you can start ideate on what solutions or services you want to provide to your users types. For doing that, you must describe specific situations in which your users must have problems that want to be solved. You must include stakeholders and various team members to make sure your scenarios are consistent and viable. You can also decide to represent your personas according to their global journey to identify and prioritize design opportunities according to specific needs.


- Sheet of Paper
- Pens

Who should be involved

- Target Users
- UX Researcher
- UX Designer
- Product Owner


- Sketch
- PowerPoint
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