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Design & Test

Preference Testing

A set of research methods whose purpose is to evaluate the emotional response of the target audience to a design product. Generaly, participants are offered different visual-design alternatives and are expected to associate each alternative with a set of attributes selected from a closed list; these studies can be both qualitative and quantitative.

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5 - 10


10 min.



Difficulty Level


Preference Testing illustration


confirm and/or improve your product designed. It’s a way to have feedback quickly.


In a few minutes, you will understand the emotional reactions or not of users and why. It can also be used to inform and even inspire different visual design directions you may be considering.

Your step by step guide to run the method

You can show three screen variations of your project and participants must give adjectives for the three screens. This will allow you to choose a version or keep the elements that work.



Prepare a list per participant. Check that your project is visible on the overhead projector. Place
the bics and sheets of paper on the table.


STEP 1: Set the stage (15 min.)

Explain the context, what is the desirability test and the context of your product without showing
them at first. Give them each the list of adjectives.
Display your product using the overhead projector.

STEP 2: Attribution of adjectives (20 min.)

The participants must assimilate 5 adjectives to your project. They write them on a sheet and
must explain why they chose to assign them (an explanation for each adjective). They must do
it individually so that their answers are not biased.

STEP 3 : Feedback (15 min.)

Finally, end with a loud feedback where everyone speaks about three (or five) adjectives that
have the most impact. Debate around this. You can after recover the sheets to have these
feedback write.



- Table + chairs (participants must be able to write)
- Overhead projector (participants must easily see the product to be

Who should be involved

- UX UI designer
- Webdesigner
- UX Researcher


- Concept testing.
- Customer feedback.
- Card Sorting.
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