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User Interview

User interview is a cheap way to access users mind and better understanding them. In fact, you will collect insights and trends about how a human being can feel about your product. It gives you a more intimate connexion with your target and creates empathy.

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5 - 10


4 hours


< 90 min

Difficulty Level




You can use it at any stage of your project. Interviews can have many goals : prospection, exploration, explanation and have 2 ways to conduct it : directive (strict questionnary and order) or semi-directive. Semi-directiv is more natural and efficient cause you guide users but you do not contrain an order. You can have informations from the order of speech.


No one better know user needs than users themselves. It's going to protect you from the subjectivity of personas, and you will learn you a lot about user's behaviors. You can collect quantitative or/and qualitative data.

Your step by step guide to run the method

Before starting

3 steps are crucial for your preparation

  • Set clear goals of what you want to attend from the interviews
  • Recruit the good people toward your problematic
  • Create a conversation guide to support you during the interviews. It’s a document where you consign the subject you want to ask your users about, and some few questions already prepared in case of blank moment. Prepare a grid to facilitate answers classification and so data analysis.

STEP 1: (5 MIN) welcome Users

It’s your first chance to make a good impression and to make people feel comfortable. You want them to open their minds and share their feelings. So Smile and be friendly. Propose water, coffee or whatever. Try to cut the distance by presenting yourself and your goals. People needs to feel safe and secure by your side.

STEP 2: Interview

Position is important. If the room where you plan the interview have a desk, sit on the same side as the user and respect the 1meter circle of intimacy.

Start questioning and drive the interview. Your role now is to be sure that you’ll collect all the information you need without bias responses. You can use many techniques like reformulations, start a sentence and let the user complete it, never asking closed questions, etc.

Do not forget that your human and it’s ok to have emotions. You’re an active listener. Not a recorder. Try to stay objective and never bring judgement. You’re safe place.

STEP 3: How to end the Interview

Respect your timing and conclude your interview politely. Told to the users that you have what you need but maybe there is something else they want to add ? and let them flow. It’s always win win.


- Camera or voice recorder
- Pencil
- Paper
- Incentive gift

Who should be involved

- UX Researcher
- Users
- (A scribe)


- Group interview
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