How A/B testing can help you personalize digital experiences for your customers

At World of Digits, we will help you

Enhance revenue from all your digital channels

By conducting A/B tests, you will be able to drive more results from both your traffic and your investments without spending too much

Provide compelling experiences to engage your visitors

It will help you reduce your bounce rates along with increasing the time spent by your customers on your website

Delight your best customers

You will thus develop strong relationships with your best customers thanks to relevant and personalized experiences

The interest in A/B testing

A/B testing is a method used to compare a version A against a version B in order to determine which one yields the best results. It consists in an experiment in which two or more variants of a page are shown to users, allowing statistical analysis to grasp which variation performs better for a specific conversion goal.

The reasons why you should conduct A/B tests

At World of Digits, we provide expertise to help you collect data regarding the impact of any change to your website or you app, allowing thus to make careful variations to your user experiences. You will then be able to identify both ideas and hypotheses enabling you to learn which element actually impacts user behaviour. We will help you set an ultimate goal: to continually improve your experiences.

How does A/B testing work?

Together with our experts and your team, we will choose to modify a webpage or an app screen by creating a second version of that very page. After that, half of your traffic will be shown the original version (i.e. the control) and the other half will be shown the modified version of the page (i.e. the variation).

We will follow a 6-step procedure

1. Collecting data

An A/B test will help you gather data in order to provide insights into the elements to be optimised (e.g. high traffic areas of your site, low conversion rates pages, etc.)

2. Identifying goals

Thanks to the analytics, you will set conversion goals to determine whether or not the variation page is more successful than the original one

3. Generating hypotheses

Once you have identified a goal, you will start generating ideas and hypotheses concerning the reasons why one of the two pages is better than the other one

4. Creating variations

By using your A/B testing software, you will conduct the desired changes to any element of your website or app experience

5. Running experiments

Ask for visitors to participate by randomly assigning them to either the control or the variation pages. Their interaction will be measured, counted, and compared to determine which one performs better

6. Analyse results

Your software will present the data from the experiment and will show you the differences between the two versions of your page.

The various types of A/B tests you can carry out

At World of Digits, we can help you conduct various kinds of tests including the following

  • Headings
  • Emails
  • Content
  • Images
  • Social media buttons
  • Calls to action
  • Logos