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At World of Digits, our goal is to deliver consulting services that create outstanding experiences for your employees and your customers. Not just some of them. All of them.

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Case Study | Build and Design a website that fits your audience needs.

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Where to start when you need to improve your website in order to make it as relevant as possible for your target audience?

How to make sure information is well structured and implemented in a clear architecture all integrated in an attractive design? 

At World of Digits, we have developed a new solution allowing you to tackle those issues. Nowadays, being an expert in code and development is no longer enough to develop a good website. Beyond the computer expertise, other requirements have come to complicate the conceptualization of a digital product. Users have certain expectations that need to be met. In response to this, using UX methods and techniques seems to be a solution… Let’s discover how to integrate them.


How to build a website that will bring your company to success? 

– You know your target and the context. 

– Information and content are well organized. 

– UX & UI design are target & business relevant



About Child Focus 

Child focus is a charitable foundation for missing and sexually abused children. They exist for 22 years. Child Focus deploys all its forces to find missing children and struggle against sexual abuse. They are available 24/7. 

Their challenge 

“Our website was too complex regarding the information it contained. Besides our two main missions, we also give advice about different topics for different target audience: young persons, professionals, teachers… Yes, our target audience is quite broad and for this reason, the challenge here was to go straight to the point in order to simplify our content but still offering a clear help path.” 
– Communication Director at Child Focus. 

Our approach 

Build and design digital products in a human centered way. 

Based on our clients feedback, we noticed that the biggest challenge when building a website, is to offer an experience that fits user expectations. In that state of mind, our solution has been thought to answer that need when developing digital products just like a website.  

What does consist the solution of? 

We have developed a 360° website solution allowing clients not only to build a website but to offer great content and features that the identified target audience is more likely to enjoy at the end.  
Besides the technical aspect of coding and developing a webiste, we have set up a pannel of UX methods and techniques allowing to (re)think the website in a human centered way. 

1 – Kick off workshop (1 Day) 

  • Business model canva 
  • Persona map 
  • Customer journey map 
  • Value Map  
  • Card sorting 
  • Site map co-creation & pitch   

This full day workshop aims to define the needs of the specific users AND the business in order to reach a consensus between the two sides. We make sure to involve all the stakeholders to get as many relevant insights as we can. 

Kick Off day with the Child Focus team

Child Focus Case 

We first started with the kick-off workshop to co-create a site map. Communication director and executives, plus IT developers assisted to the session held by WOD experts who teamed up as following: 
1 workshop facilitator, 2 UX-UI designer, 1 Project Manager. 

We integrate UX methods thanks to our UX Toolkit


All together they led this 1-day workshop in order to challenge the frame on a user and business point of view. 
In the morning: we work on the business model canvas, the persona building and value map (what’s important for the user). 
In the afternoon: we made a card sorting regarding insights got in the morning session. We handled to get a validated site map (UX architecture). Meeting with the head of IT to discuss about technical possibilities. 

2 – 16 weeks of UX & UI design 

This period can variate regarding the project. Based on the kick off workshop, we work on the wireframing part where we build the architecture and structure of the website information and content. Once this is all validated, we start working on the design part (UI). In order to facilitate collaboration, we build fully interactive prototypes to directly immerse into the future website. We make sure to always listen to our client’s point of view and comments in order to also adapt the project with clients expectations. This way of working fosters good long-term relationships. 

Child Focus Case 

Within 4 months, we have finalized the UX & UI design gathered in an interactive clickable prototype for their whole new branded website (coming soon). 

3 – building & development 

Once all the prototypes have been validated, it remains client’s choice to decide who will manageme the development part. Indeed, we have all the ressources required to proceed it internally but developing it on the client side is also possible. 

Child Focus Case 

Since Child Focus has all the required internal ressources to proceed the building part, they did not asked for our development services. 

Who’s the target of this solution? Who might need it? 

Any head of digital interested in using its website as a keystone for its digital strategy or interested in improving user experience to thrill their audience. 
For all those who want to commit their team to better coordinate digital projects. 

Benefits of the solution 

Discover the added value of implementing UX methods and techniques when developing a website. 

Top’s advantages 

Integrating UX methods when working on your website or any other digital product leads consequently to a great experience for your users.  

Those methods and techniques ensure 
✔ a project that is aligned regarding business and user. 
✔ a deep understanding of the target behavior. 
✔ consistency within the website content. 
✔ brands to reach its goals thanks to the website. 
✔ a clear information and easy access. 
✔ you answer target needs & expectations. 
✔ you improve the global user experience on the website. 
✔ collaboration & relationship built between the company and client. 
✔ a better understanding of your target thanks to research and analytics. 

Why was it relevant regarding the Child Focus challenge?

“Since Child Focus has many target audiences, it was difficult to highlight the relevant content. Each target group has different needs, as a matter of fact it is not always easy to define and manage when it comes to organize information.” 
By using UX process, new insights have been highlighted ensuring a better understanding of the different persona likely to visit their website 

According to you, what are this 360° website solution top’s advantages?  

“Clarity and simplification in the search for content. Putting ourselves in the shoes of our target audience looking for information is the best way to achieve our goal.” 


Positive business outcome and results arising from this 360° website solution. 

How did it help you?  

“Working with an external team that listens to us has enabled us to structure information better on the website by focusing on the essentials. The Design Sprint workshop was key to clarify our structure in a dynamic and fun but effective way.”

What issue this solution has been able to face? 

“Simplify the website and make it as people & business centric as possible.” 

Now that you have your wireframes and designs as needed, what’s next? 

“Each step performed alongside World of Digits was important. First the Design sprint we did, secondly the wireframes and the sitemap and finally the design part. Each step was meticulously carried out and each of our remarks was taken into account. The work was done very quickly and faithful to our expectations. “

Child Focus now owns all the prototypes and will update their website internally thanks to their development team.

Would you work again with WOD? Why? 

“Yes for sure. Right people in the right place. A smooth communication. Timely email exchanges without being intrusive. Relevant suggestions. The World of Digits team is made of professionals who know their job and most importantly who are able to respect deadlines. “

Are you interested in improving your website in a user-centered way? Contact us! 


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