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Case Study | Design Sprint. Find design & test realistic ideas within 3 days

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Answering critical business questions & accelerating idea development are important challenges that companies can face. What could they do if they don’t have enough time nor money to spend on it? The Design Sprint is an ideal process to prototype feasible ideas. It answers how to define an idea & prototype it without taking too much investments.

How can companies conduct a transformative solution to find the right solution?

– They understand the crucial role of fitting market needs.

-They define their main objectives and find the best goal-related solution.

-They know that prototyping and testing are the best way to quickly find the best results-oriented solution.

Design Sprint X Delhaize



Delhaize is a Belgian supermarket chain aiming to improve the customer experience by developing new experiences and products for its clients.

Their Objective

The supermarket sector is a real competitive challenge from different point of view. As there are many client types but also many different customer needs and expectations, the most efficient way to improve their App may not be the easiest challenge.

How to increase the AOV (Average Order Value) in the App?

How to improve the customer experience in the App?

Our approach 

The Design Sprint, who & what for

The Experience Studio by World of Digits has settled 3-day Design Sprint workshops. This method can help companies quickly find the best solution through an effective 3-day process that includes Design Thinking, prototyping and user testing.

Design Sprint workshop with the team

Whether you have mostly defined your problem or well an understanding phase of your ecosystem, our method can be adapted to your specific topic in order to perfectly match the expectations of your market. Thanks to this 3-day process, we’ll develop together the best solution to your challenge without wasting time and money.

Benefits of the workshop 

Why did you choose to attend a Design Sprint workshop?

It’s an efficient results-oriented method that could help us to quickly define a good solution for our challenge. Thanks to the 3-day process, it has been easier to get together with the Business, IT, Digital design managers in one room to discuss and find a solution to our problem.  

“The Design Sprint is an efficient method to find and come back with a fitting idea in relatively fast way.”

Sam, Mobile Apps Product Manager at Delhaize.

Was this workshop helpful?

Of course, it was. The goal was clearly defined, and we all went across the 3-day process to find our new prototype to test. It can also allow much less time to find a solution than in some traditional company processes.

According to you, what are the Design Sprint top’s advantages?

Timing is one of the key points of this method but the most important one is still: having a clickable and tested deliverable in only 3 days. There is no doubt that we have saved a lot of time and money. Finally, this method could be adapted for other topics that we’ll may be interested in a near future.


Can you briefly develop the positive business outcome arising from the Design Sprint workshop and benefits?

The positive business outcome was clearly there at the end. We designed ;a Up-sell pop-up feature during checkout inside the app.

Would you work again with WOD?

Yes! Certainly, for a different topic and different scope.

What was the real added value of attending this Design Sprint workshop?

Delhaize has now

  • Spent only 3 days to find a result-oriented solution to his big challenge.
  • Its prototype ready to be tested on the market.
  • Enhanced its App thanks to the method.

Interested in our Design Sprint workshop and start finding new solutions to your challenges?

Do you have big challenges but no time to solve them?

Just like Delhaize, you can come and take advantage of our expertise in the Design Sprint method. We will guide you all trough the process in order to solve your business problem and to have the most efficient outcome as possible. Don’t hesitate to contact us!


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