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At World of Digits, our goal is to deliver consulting services that create outstanding experiences for your employees and your customers. Not just some of them. All of them.

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Case Study | How you can implement UX within your department

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One of the biggest challenge for companies nowadays is to make sure they are able to create great experiences for their clients. Therefore, knowing its target audience to fit its expectations has become one of the success keys. But how to do so when you don’t have the time nor the resources to work on that topic?

How can companies implement UX within their departments?

– They understand UX foundations and its precious roles.

– They are able to follow a UX process and conducting UX methods and techniques.

– They know how to use tools and templates to apply UX methodologies.

UX Toolkit X We Invest


About We Invest

We Invest is a Real Estate, Marketing & Technology company aiming to improve the real estate sector by creating innovative solutions for its clients.

Their Objective

The real estate sector is a real challenge from a marketing point of view. As there are many client types, communication towards them may not always be easy.

How to define the right message and tone of voice?
How to be sure the content created matches with each of them?

Our approach

The UX toolkit, who & what for

At World of Digits we developed a UX toolkit to help companies solve usability problems by allowing them to run their own UX process. This tool gathers more than 50 UX methods, techniques, templates and step by step guides.

Whether you are new to the UX topic or already have some UXers in your team, our toolkit has been conceived as being the easiest way to implement UX within your project.

Find the right UX methodology, organize and standardize your own UX process thanks to our toolkit.

Benefits of the workshop

How did the toolkit workshop help you?

By giving the best practices on how to conduct a right UX process thanks to the UX toolkit. We received 3 toolkits in total. We are not going to use them on a daily basis but more on a project based approach instead. Our team will be now able to follow UX process and be even more user-centric.

The UX toolkit workshop will allow us to deeply understand our different targets and adapt our messages.” Valentin, Tech Marketing Manager at We Invest

Was this workshop helpful?

The workshop was helpful. The goal was to determine the information we needed and structure the start of the project.

According to you, what are the UX toolkit top’s advantages?

It allows to implement and conduct a step by step UX process that fits our way of working. It gave an overview on which methods and techniques to run to ensuring user centricity in our project development.


Can you briefly develop the positive business outcome and benefits arising from the UX toolkit workshop?

The positive business outcome is really for us gaining a competitive advantage in our market by reassessing our audience and personas to create a new website based on that new assessment.

UX Toolkit Workshop

What was the real added value of attending this UX Workshop?

We Invest can now

  • Run UX process independently, when they get a new project in the pipe.
  • Get to know their target audience and learn from who they are.
  • Define how they can adapt their communication channels to REAL needs.
  • Conceptualize project that respond to their audience profile.
  • Allow greater anticipation and enhance better market adoption.

Interested in our UX toolkit and start running UX methods?

Do you already have UXers in your team?
Just like We Invest, you can book an (in-house) UX toolkit workshop (1 day) were we’ll brief you on how to use the toolkit and teach you on how to follow a UX process.

Are you new on the UX topic?
If start from (almost) zero in the UX field, we also offer a 2-day UX Foundation training. More info


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