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At World of Digits, our goal is to deliver consulting services that create outstanding experiences for your employees and your customers. Not just some of them. All of them.

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CASE STUDY | Train your team to Customer Experience

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This day, a lot of industries and markets are very saturated. Indeed, most of the products companies sell are looking the same: offers and pricing remain very similar. In such a context, companies find themselves with a major pain point:
How to differentiate from competition?
Customer Experience.

Why a good Customer Experience has become a must have

In a world where digital tends to be the norm, a good Customer Experience seems to be the direction to take if you want to make the difference. Indeed, due to the bigger offer, customers have become pickier and more critical of the products and brands they consume.

They look beyond the product or service and expect things such as personalized messages, an easily reachable customer service, fast answers and services, and so forth. In a nutshell they are scouting for outstanding customer experience all along with your company.

In light of the above, CX today needs to be considered within every department (marketing, sales, IT, operations, …) to ensure the customer is happy in the whole customer life cycle. Nailing it would mean that every employee has a knowledge of CX and is able to understand customer expectations.

The question now is: where to start and how to implement CX within its company?

At World of Digits, we have developed a 1-day CX Discovery training allowing you to start raising awareness and to get started with Customer Experience.

4 reasons why you should improve your relationship with your customers.

– To stand out from competition
– To improve customer satisfaction
– To decrease cost to acquisition
– To improve customer retention



About Proximus

Proximus is the largest of Belgium’s three mobile telecommunications companies.

Their challenge

Proximus invests a lot in its employees. They are setting up different training tracks and CX is part of their program since they want to put the focus on this topic.
They want to develop CX skills of their employees.

Our approach

A Customer Experience Discovery Training

Based on our client’s feedback, we noticed that the biggest challenge was to get started with CX in order to implement it and to use it in a relevant way.

Our training allows you discover what are the different aspects of CX, why it is important and how do you improve the CX within your company.

What does consist the solution of?

Our CX discovery training is 1 day or 2 1/2 days long.
This interactive training allows you to discover why and how to implement, to drive and to measure CX strategy within your company. It gives you keys to understand what the metrics are to measure the CX (involving design thinking methodology and other techniques.)

After the session, your employee will know how to start building project, product or solution based on a customer view.

During our 1-day CX Discovery training you will learn:

-What is Customer Experience?

-What are the different aspects of CX?

-Why is CX important?

-How do you measure CX?

-How do you improve it?

-User Research -> interview

You will also work around a use case and apply some of the CX methods and techniques.

-Persona building

-Customer Journey Mapping

-Pain point mapping

-How Might We and ideation

-Prototyping and usability testing

Benefits of the solution

According to you, what are the Customer Experience Discovery top’s advantages?  

Very good link between first part of the Discovery phase (General + Prox videos) and WOD Training

– Dutch and French sessions in parallel, open for all languages

-Right balance between external data and Proximus content, providing on occasions different point of views.

-Easy to understand examples, to support theoretical content.

-Leaving time and space for questions, discussion and debate


Was this training helpful for the participants and why?

Got quite some positive responses. Customer Experience and customer centricity is a main pillar in Proximus strategy.

Where still a lot of employees don’t have a clue on what is customer experience, and how is CX (CJ, …) implemented in Proximus. Thus in terms of awareness, I feel this is certainly a step forward.

Proximus feedback

Now that some Proximus employees have been trained in CX, how are they going to use it on daily basis, according to you? What are your expectations?

My expectation is with regards to awareness and mindset. I hope we can change our employees’ mindset.

Would you collaborate again with WOD? Why?

Yes because of the
-Right balance between Prox and own content
-Good availability
-Quality of training

Would you recommend that Customer Experience training? Why?

Yes, as an awareness training on CX within Proximus, I would recommended to all Prox Employees!

More diversity in examples, there were some comments wrt a too big focus on our mass market side, prof market side should be more represented

Communication integrated in our systems, f.e. having a group on TEAMS with the trainees, where we can share, further discuss, …

Are you interested in onboarding your team on CX? Well, look no further! Our CX trainers will be more than happy to support you in your customer-centered transition.

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