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At World of Digits, our goal is to deliver consulting services that create outstanding experiences for your employees and your customers. Not just some of them. All of them.

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Consultant at World of Digits, what does that mean?

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At World of Digits, we are convinced that evolution, experiences and collaboration are key to success! We deeply believe that everyone has something to bring so we can keep on building and evolving together.

As a digital Acceleration & Service Evolution Agency, we are key to bring our expertises and services to our clients! Our ecosystem allows us to develop solutions that our consultants can bring to their clients, in order to support them more efficiently.

Our added value on the market? Well, discover it thanks to our employee’s testimonies. Some of our HR’s and consultants are sharing their WOD experience.


Jennifer and Sharda are two HR’s working at WOD in Brussels and Paris. Their goal is to make sure new WODERS they recruit perfectly match our mindset and our way of working. Indeed, we aim to promote the development of our employees as well as our clients contributing both to their professional fulfilment and well-being. Over the years, this vision has been refined to become Collective Performance.

How you define WOD consultants

Jennifer | “Collaboration, Ownership, Learn & Grow, Optimism. Those are the values that characterizes every WODer. We are looking for those values into every candidate we are meeting during the recruitment process. Next to our different pole of expertise, we are ONE tribe of employees with common values and ways of working.”

Sharda | “We are a UX researchers, designers, product managers, project leaders and product owners tribe. What’s gathering us? Our common passion for innovation, our willingness to share and undertake. We deeply believe in a different approach of what work is and we want to positively impact our ecosystem!
Beyond their skills, the « WODERS » stand out with their special personality and collaborative mindset.”

Kind of projects & solutions consultants work on

In their mission at the client…

Jennifer | “In terms of Advisory, UX Designers, Product Owners and Project Managers consultants have the opportunity to work on different topics: UX Design or Product Ownership for digital and marketing projects including innovation aspects.

For example, in the banking industry, some of our UX helped to create a new banking platform and now they are busy with the pages and flows to be migrated. The cycle phase of a project can start from the information phase (exploration, design, build solution) to the transformation delivery phase (implementation of a project).”

… and internally

Besides their missions, WOD consultants can work on internal projects for common objectives. They develop innovative solutions they will be able to use at their clients. Toolkits, trainings, audits, templates and methodologies.

Sharda | “We encourage our coworkers to take part into our internal projects such as:

– Internal trainings: workshops, share & learn, talks on different subjects (product ownership, design, change, e-commerce…).

– Internal projects: book club, HR process

– Our offers: security by design, privacy by design, accessibility by design

– Events: Flupa UX, meetings”

Tool for consultant
The UX Toolkit developed by WOD UX Designer consultants

What being part of WOD really means

Jennifer |“Being part of WOD means belonging to a young and dynamic company with a human-centric approach. We are supported on a group level on the Learning & Development path of each employee. The Positive Thinking Company Ecosystem we are part of, gives us the opportunity to constantly upskill through sharing knowledge of the different expertises of the group (Apps & Platforms, Cloud, Data & Analytics, Digital Workplace, Hyperautomation or Security)

Taking time to celebrate and to spend good moments is also super important at WOD. Our Marcom team organizes a lot of activities that give the consultants possibilities to gather and to share moments despite the fact they work in different teams, for different clients.”

Sharda | “WOD is a community with strong beliefs such as: passion, determination, audacity, all these values federate us. We promote leadership and we help our coworkers with their projects and professional ambitions. We also have a business incubator!”

Consultant from Belgium

What competencies you are looking for ?

Jennifer | ”We are constantly looking for open-minded consultants with a “can do attitude”.
As a consultant, it’s important to remain agile. We are also assessing the intrapreneurial spirit & the “learn and grow” capabilities of candidates. Of course, your hard skills are the first thing we are looking at.

But it couldn’t come without a positive thinking mindset (transparency, openness, collaborative apporach and solution-oriented mindset).

Sharda | “Collective intelligence: we co-build a caring and transparent environment where collective intelligence is the key to success! Humility is one of our values since we all learn new things every day.

Innovation: being creative, curious, inventing new concepts, taking a bright look over the world, supporting our consultants in their missions so we can be focused on the new markets!”


Antoine Varennes and Laura Letenre are both Product Owners and Tribe Leaders since almost 3 years. They share with you their vision and experience as consultants at WOD Paris and WOD Brussels.

Talk to us about your collaboration with other consultants (Squads) :

Laura | “As a Tribe Leader, my role is to guide my colleagues in the way they build new solutions at WOD and to ensure we build bridges between those solutions. Our collaboration is based on trust: we know we’ll do our best to achieve the goals we have determined together. Therefore, we value transparency and commitment. We also develop tools to enforce our consultants’ skills: that creates a win-win relationship, which is also key in the way we collaborate.”

Antoine | “My vision of what a tribe is, is very simple: sharing, learning from others, and enjoying! I think that no matter how old you are, no matter what your professional experience is, we all must learn from each other! The way I lead the PO and PM tribes responds to this vision. We all volunteer to write interesting articles or to organize workshops about our work by sharing our knowledge and previous experiences. We share a common vision!”

Consultant at work
Meeting at WOD

Why you are consultants at WOD?

Laura | “Because WOD gives us the opportunity to work for digitally-focused projects and for innovative clients.”

Antoine | “The philosophy, ambitions and the mentality of other WOD members convinced me to become a WODER! I used to be a consultant in another company from 2015 to 2018 and I had the opportunity to become a member of WOD in 2019 thanks to Jessica Rodrigues (WOD-FR Director). Jessica and I used to work together for some time now.”

Describe WOD corporate life (before and after covid)?

Laura |“Corporate life as a consultant is always complicated to create as we are already very much involved in the corporate life at our clients’. Before covid we had the opportunity to gather for informal activities once in a while, which was great. Now that we cannot gather “in real”, WoD is doing his best to maintain such activities, but of course it is becoming more and more challenging to keep any kind of corporate life!”

Antoine | “WOD puts at heart human values. This promise is kept thanks to the internal staff – they make sure we feel good in our missions and they try to give us the best work conditions! COVID-19 didn’t change this for a bit. On the contrary, the internal staff pays a very special attention about the well-being of its coworkers since the pandemic. I feel like a Woder more than ever!”

What being part of WOD really means ?

Laura | “Having the opportunity to grow professionally and to develop your intrapreneur side, by working on projects you believe in and to transform your ideas into valuable solutions!”

Antoine | “It’s being part of a big project, being part of a company where I feel good and where investing myself never puts a pressure on my shoulders. The people composing WOD have real human values and professionalism. It’s very easy to get along with all of them and work peacefully!”

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