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3 days to innovate smarter and faster with the Design Sprint method.

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It’s no longer enough to have a “good quality product”, the right product is a must to survive in a fast changing world.

Innovative companies , such as Uber, General Electrics, Lufthansa, United Nations, New York Times, Google, etc. showed us that it’s possible by using The Design Sprint approach. The Experience Studio at World of Digits Brussels takes the challenge by offering this “ greatest hits” of digitalisation & innovation as a new solution to mid-/corporates.

A bit of history

In 2012, Jake Knapp created the Design Sprint while he was working at Google Ventures. At that time, Jake and his team were facing an abundance of ideas that would solve their business problem without knowing how to know fast which one were the good ones to invest on! They created the Design Sprint method to find, design and test ideas within 5 days. This smart process allowed them to fail fast or detect the right ideas to launch!

Why would you need a Design Sprint ?

Innovation takes time within big companies due to long and slow processes.

Complexity – heavy processes and waterfall organisations do not give enough space for user centrics and decrease the product-market fit. Give a chance to all people to step in new method is not easy. The DP allows every one to be involved and join the digitalization challenge.
Fear of failure – cultural fear to fail makes corporate invest more time and money instead of testing the market faster
Slow – waterfall way of working, organisation in silos slow down the decision process, slow down the delivery process and it’s often too late to realize an idea won’t fit customers needs while launching.

The Design Sprint guarantees to corporate a

Good Market Fit : testing on users before developing increase the product-market fit.
High Return on Investment: in any case the team wins. Users validate the idea, it can go in confidence on development phase. Users do not validate the idea: the team learns and avoid an un-useful development.
Results-oriented process : the method guarantees tangible deliverables. A test of interactive prototype and a clear roadmap for the next actions on the ideas is defined.

How does the Design Sprint work ?

The Design Sprint is not new as a method but disrupts by it’s compressed package that includes Design Thinking, prototyping and user testing. At the Experience Studio World of Digits Brussels, we affined the method, regarding our customers needs and challenges and created The Design Sprint into a tailor made 3 days process.

Before launching, what do you need to set to succeed your design sprint ?

The 3 key elements to make a success of a design sprint are a dream team of max. 7 pers made of business representants, 1 customers & 1 external expert, a vision and a business problem clearly defined.

Day 1 : Map & Vote

The goal of the first day is to have a elected solution. First action will be to design an exhaustive map of the problem by putting each participants into customers shoes, going through his “customer journey”, detecting pain points and turning them into opportunities. The elected opportunity will be the subject of the ideation session. At the end of the day, the team works on the best solution.

Day 2 : Sketch & Design

On day 2 the goal is to deliver a designed prototype ready to be tested.
The team will start by writing the whole storyboard of the solution. Our UX Designer will design the storyboard into a real prototype. The team will also be challenged on the planification & management of the users test day.

Day 3 – User Test

Our expert will support the team on the user test day. 5 users will come test the prototype. The users insights, behaviours observation will be centralized at the end of day. The team will decide together regarding clear KPI, if the idea is validated or not.

The design sprint will end with the delivery of a tested interactive prototype. If it is OK, a clear action plan on the development phase is made.

When is it relevant to attend a design Sprint?

It’s hard to imagine a scenario where a design sprint can’t help your company get the answers you need faster, easier and cheaper.
Done in the right way, with the right team, facilitator, approach, and resources, a design sprint takes you from a world of unknowns to a clear, proven answer.

Our Method can be adapted to a lot of topics. It can also help you deliver ideas to solve any business issues:

Design Sprints : Prototype and validate ideas quickly
Strategy Sprints : Plan and align a shared vision
Brand Sprints : Hone strategic branding and campaigns
Agile Sprints : Operationalize and execute work
Culture Sprints : Hone your team culture to attract/retain people

The design Sprint integrates the global offer of the experience studio’ solutions

The decision to attend a design sprint is a strategic decision that comes after an understanding phase of your ecosystem. Our experts will first explore the market, the business model and the long-term strategy of your company. This will make the results of the Design Sprint fit into a coherent continuity for your company and deliver results that fit your global strategy.
Our expert will use methods such as UX Design workshop, customer interviews, etc.
After the design sprint, the client continues to be helped by our consultants. We offer other solutions like Agile, Lean Methodologies to coordinate the backlog and the go2market of the idea.

So, ready to launch a SMART Sprint? Contact us!

Or learn more about our offer

Discover how are other companies taking advantage of the Design Sprint?

Know more about the LEGO and the United Nations case study.

Written by Julie


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