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5 Ice breakers and Energizers to kick off your meetings in a good atmosphere

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Let’s be honest, meetings are not always the funniest part of our jobs. Despite, they remain important to move forward in our projects. But it is a matter of our good will to make them more engaging.

To do so, meetings need to start in a way that allows collaboration and cohesion within the group. The way you open the conversation sets the tone for the rest of the meeting. Therefore, involving the whole team since the beginning is key, obviously. Especially when meetings are hosted remotely and that you can’t guarantee each participant feels really involved or is focused.

What you can do before going deep in the topic of your meeting, is starting with an Ice breaker or an Energizer. It will involve each participant since the beginning and make them feel more connected for the rest of the session.

Running ice breakers or energizers will help you in different ways

Set a positive atmosphere – It helps create a positive feeling among the group leading to more engagement.

Motivate participants – By involving each one since the beginning, you allow them to energize for the upcoming work.

Relax people – Sometimes meeting are dealing with stressful topics, so starting in a more relaxed way helps to cut through the tension.

Get to know each other – knowing personnaly people you are working with will boost productivity and create relationships.

Break down social barriers – Allow the group to work together and see each other as a team and as individuals as well to reduce barriers.

Think outside the box – it helps you boost creativity within the group

Discover some fun ideas

2 Truths 1 Lie


Get to know you colleagues better in a fun way.

Step 1 – Think of 3 statements about yourself of which 2 are true and 1 is a lie.

Step 2 – Share your 3 statements with the group and let them guess which one is the lie.

Step 3 – Afterwards share your story and have a good laugh!

Poker Face

Goal – Have fun and get loose

Step 1 – The youngest person of the group starts by trying to make the group laugh with a joke, imitation, or anything of his/her choice.

Step 2 – The others need to keep a poker face! The first person to smile is next in line.

Tip – Each round you can pick someone to play the referee.

Super Power

Goal – Get to know each others secret superpowers!

Step 1 – Think about a superpower that you have! Something you are really good at, not work related.

Step 2 – Stand up and try to represent your superpower without using any words, Pictionary style!

Step 3 – When someone guesses your superpower, you share your story with the group. The one who guessed right is next.

Word Waterfall

Goal – Get your creative & fast-thinking brain flowing! See how fast you can go as a group.

Step 1 – Sit in the circle. If you do it remotely, just define an order.

Step 2 – The youngest person starts by saying a random word

Step 3 – Next person in the circle tries to say a word that is connected to it. Go clockwise. Keep going until all tongues are loosened up!


Goal – Learn more about other participants.

Step 1 – Divide your group up in different teams (try to make teams of people that are not already close with each other).

Step 2 – What does each member have in common with others? Each team has to find 5 similarities.

Step 3 – Finally, each team tells to the other ones which similarities they have found.


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