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Pitch Training | Start conducting successful projects.

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During our several mission at World of Digits, we have noticed that the experts in charge of building on- and offline solutions are not always eager to communicate about the whole potential of their projects. In some ways, they are against communicating about their projects if there are not complete enough. Well, that can make sense. Don’t you think? Well let’s introduce the pitch method.

The Pitch Training

Despite these first assumptions, our methods have shown over time that convincing people from the beginning is a key of success for those who want to have their way. Indeed, pitching an opportunity when this one is not tangible yet, can be a good way to get the support you need: budget, resources or anything required to turn an idea into reality.

As a result, this led us at WOD to train project team members/leaders on how to pitch well. That’s why we decided eventually to launch a new 4-day training: The Pitch Training. The rule is simple, start selling an opportunity before selling a solution.


Where to start? 

It goes without saying that thinking about how to pitch can seem overwhelming. Indeed, tons of questions can occur. “What metrics to show? How to speak with confidence? Should I have a demo to show? What kind of arguments should I use? How to optimise my content? Well, don’t panic, those are typical key questions we can help you to answer thanks to our unique training Program.

How do we define a Pitch? 

First thing first, let’s explain what we mean by a (good) pitch. We define it as a “well prepared, short, impactful and structured communication to an audience”.

Let’s dive deeper into the word’s meanings:

Well prepared – The pitcher knows exactly what he will say. He knows his audience and what he can expect from them.

Short – It usually does not last more than 7 minutes.

Impactful – The pitcher is supposed to reach his goal in 7 min and set the record straight.

Structured – Structure is key when you need to keep it short. Therefore, the pitcher knows exactly the order the message must be delivered in.

Why is it a good method to convince its audience?  

As said before, the pitch is a key moment for any idea or project. Usually, the team who is pitching wants to validate something or to get support such as budget, extra-resources, partnership and so forth.

Every pitch session is an opportunity for a team to detect strengths and weaknesses in the project. In other words, it is a good way to challenge it!

Nevertheless, the pitch needs to be effective whether you want to make your audience supporting you. Indeed, if you can’t convince them that you are tackling an opportunity, you might need to do extra research and give more results/metrics to back up your previous pitch (= “how big is your problem?”) and that’s not what we want, right!?

What does make a good pitch?  

Considering the above, we believe that a good pitch is made of 3 ingredients: a good story (the content), the right support (the design) and the adapted body language (the performance). The question is now how to manage well those three aspects?

Well, this Pitch training all makes sense now, doesn’t it? During those 4 days, you will have the opportunity to work on those three pillars that help you pitch better. Our teaching methods are fun and collaborative, allowing you to learn by doing! In addition of serious games and use cases, a Pitch Toolkit is also provided. This one includes methods and canvas to define and structure your pitch in an effective and independent way after the training.

For further details, like getting the detailed program of the training, you can contact the Pitch Training Program Team
Julie Derouwaux & Xavier Gascuel


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