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At World of Digits, our goal is to deliver consulting services that create outstanding experiences for your employees and your customers. Not just some of them. All of them.

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Make your customer fall in love with your products or services thanks to the Sweetspot.

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As love is celebrated today, isn’t it the right moment to challenge Cupid? Ask him to make your customers fall in love with your product / idea / solution!

Well, since we have not figured out yet how to contact him, we have found another way to help you win over your users anyway. We may not use arrows to guarantee a perfect match, but we can guide you and your team to a one-way destination: the sweetspot.

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With validation as a guide and the Design Sprint as a method, we bring you the 3 key essential validations you need to get before investing further in your project. Those are : desirability, viability and feasibility. Once you got those endorsements, you arrived in the sweetspot, the place where your user needs, business need and feasibility can live a long and happy relationships together.

How to get those 3 key validations?  

Attending a Design Sprint workshop is your solution… During this workshop, we effectively take those three key elements into account to ensure the relevance of your idea and the success of your project. What does that concretely mean

are you solving a pain point that will add value for your users?  

Going back to your Customer Experience (CX), we help you spot the pain points, solve them and test your idea on a first panel of users. During the Design Sprint session, we launch with you qualitative quantitative use tests and validate the desirability of your idea thanks to those assessments.

Viability: does your idea contribute to a sustainable growth? 

How can you make money with your idea? The Design Sprint allows you to challenge the business model of your idea and to define Business Assumptions to validate before investing in your project:does the business model fit with the way the customers want to pay for the solution? Is the way you plan to buy from suppliers the most profitable way? What channels will you use to reach your customers? etc.

Feasabilityare you building on your core operational strengths? 

The feasibility aspect challenges the team on the “how to build the solution to make the business healthier and stronger”. If a solution requires building new capabilities, the investment is riskier because of the amount of resources required. Also, because it may change the market’s perception of the company, not always for the better. During our Design Sprint we tackle the question and bring the right people/experts in the process to answer them.

Finally, iteration is your secret friend when building a new idea into an innovation process

So can we consider we are the new Cupid of business? 

We can at least say that thanks to our method and the sweetspot program, we ensure success, sustainability, rentability based on the same requirements that of a love story: the right match, the right mindset, a daily commitment & FUN😊

Are you ready to win your customers’ hearts?
Discover our Design Sprint workshop

Julie Derouwaux, Experience Studio Leader


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