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The Best European UX Conferences in 2019

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UX is big. Conferences are being organized around the world to give UX professionals the opportunity to stay up to date, share knowledge and extend their network. But how to choose the right event? Here are our top picks for 2019.

The number of UX conferences can be overwhelming. While most of them offer talks on various UX-related topics, some events focus on a very specific branch, like UX in healthcare or Voice UX.

How do you know which conference offers the best value for money? We made our own selection based on the quality of the speakers, the number of attendees and the event’s history. Our top 5 picks of European UX conferences are:

Source: Awwwards

1. Awwwards Conference

13th – 15th of February // Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Awwards Conference positions itself as the “Digital Thinkers Conference for Designers, Developers & Digital Dreamers”. Each year they organize multiple conferences in cities around the world. The 2019 edition in Amsterdam will host various industry leading speakers, like product designers from Google, InVision and Bang & Olufsen. Attendees can also join workshops on different UX topics.

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Source: NNGroup

2. Nielsen Norman UX Conference

30th of March – 5th of April // London, UK

The famous UX research and consulting firm Nielsen Norman Group organizes various UX conferences around the world. The NN/g’s UX Conference is not a typical conference: no keynote speeches from famous tech and design leaders, no exhibition hall, but a week of full-day courses from expert instructors. This event is perfect if you are looking to improve your UX skillset. And for the cherry on top: after attending the classes you can take the exam for the NN/g UX certificate.

View website >>>


3. UX London

29th – 31st of May // London, UK

UX London is a three-day UX conference that takes place every year. Attendees can expect keynotes from industry leaders and hands-on workshops on various UX topics. Each day of the conference focuses on a different UX domain, so participants can customize their own program.

View website >>>

Source: Flickr


26th – 28th of June // Barcelona, Spain

The App Design & Development Conference unites designers and developers every year in Barcelona. The conference offers its attendees the latest insights on the design and development of mobile apps through workshops and keynote speeches from industry leaders.

View website >>>

Source: EuroIA

5. EuroIA

September // Location TBD

EuroIA is an annual event that has been taking place for 14 years in different European cities. Last year’s edition was in Dublin, but details about the 2019 edition are still unknown. EuroIA focusses on both Information Architecture and UX with keynote speeches and workshops from experts.

View website >>>

Other UX conferences in Europe

  • February 2019:
    The UX Conference – London, UK
    UXistanbul – Istanbul, Turkey
  • March 2019:
    UX Copenhagen – Copenhagen, Denmark
    UX Camp Brighton – Brighton, UK
    UX in the city: Manchester – Manchester, UK
    Experience Conference – Bratislava, Slovakia
    Service Design in Government – Edinburgh, UK
  • April 2019:
    UX Insight – Utrecht, The Netherlands
    UXD Healthcare – London, UK
  • May 2019:
    From Business To Buttons – Stockholm, Sweden
    UX Lisbon – Lisbon, Portugal
    The Next Web – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • June 2019:
    User Research London – London, UK
    UX STRAT – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    EICS – Valencia, Spain
    UX Scotland – Edinburgh, UK
  • July 2019:
    UXD Healthcare – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • September 2019:
    SmashingConf – Freiburg, Germany
    Refresh Conference – Tallinn, Estonia
    Design Matters- Copenhagen, Denmark
  • October 2019:
    NUX – Manchester, UK
    Push Conference – Munich, Germany
    World Usability Congress – Graz, Austria

Maxim De Roeck – UX Consultant – World of Digits Brussels



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