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UX Audit | How to identify UX issues on your digital products

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The UX Audit method is a classical one in the UX process when you want to evaluate user experience and identify ways to improve a digital product. In this article, we explain the 6 WH’s about World of Digits’UX Audit and how we decided to turn this method into an online and easy-of-use solution. If you want to learn more, you can join our webinar.

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The 6 WH’s about World Of Digits’ UX Audit


The digital world is rapidly changing, especially after COVID19.
Good digital experiences are in high demand, so reviewing the UX in your platform

can make a change in your business.

The UX Audit we offer has 3 valuable points:

● Very reduced time to have a report on attention points
● No user testing is needed at the moment of audit
● We give it for free from strong UX team experts


Performing a UX Audit on your digital product to highlight the current issues over 8 categories for desktop-based products or 5 categories for mobile-based products.

As a result, you receive a complete report with general score and categories score.

At World Of Digits, we offer the opportunity to accompany you to achieve the best and optimal user experience.


You can do it yourself, it is a free self-service within an easy step-by-step tool.

“47% of CEO’s see UX as a competitive differentiator but only 15% of organizations follow a consistent design process…”

In addition, World Of Digits proposes an expert to accompany you to have a more detailed

UX Audit for complex platforms. This an on-demand offer we can build together starting from

3 days and it contains:

● Basic Report of UX Audit with a radar graph.
● Set of guidelines.
● Design Recommendations.
● Benchmark.
● SiteMap evaluation.
● Data Analysis.
● Wireframes
● + Tailor made option with extra methods


We suggest to jump-in when:
● Client or visitor complains about your platform
● Receiving bad feedback from employees or team-mates
● Visitors are not able to accomplish the main CTA
● New website, before and after redesign
● Business model changed
● Detecting any other issue related to your platform going out of the game


Easy, you just need to go through our UX Audit page and start your UX Audit whenever you want. From your home-office laptop or your phone during commuting time.

The free audit takes less than 1 hour to be completed.


Here is a step-by-step guide we made only for you:

1. Navigate to the UX Audit

2. When you arrive in the landing page, press ‘Go to the tool’ button to navigate to the tool

3. Once in the tool, select the product you want to audit, desktop or mobile.

4. Complete then the context information about your product.

5. For each UX criteria, you have multiple categories.

6. Note your product using the smilies:
○ Red, for ‘The product does not meet the criterion (at least once)’
○ Amber, for ‘The product partially meets the criterion, but can be improved’
○ Green, for ‘The product fully complies with the criterion’
○ N/A, for ‘Not applicable, if the criterion does not apply to your product’

7. Once you go through all the categories, you will see a message of success and your general score in % and a bar graph with colours per category.

Percentage means that the closest to 100% the better is the experience.

8. To download the full report, just enter your email.


Written by Marine HERVE

UX Audit is the beginning of the new story of your product. Let’s try it and have a look of your own UX Score. We would be happy to go further in your product’s user experience with you.


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