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At World of Digits, our goal is to deliver consulting services that create outstanding experiences for your employees and your customers. Not just some of them. All of them.

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Must-have to find the right UX methodology for your projects.

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As UX consultants and experts, we experience how companies from different sizes and fields practice UX. Each company has its own maturity level regarding UX, but something everyone seems to be struggling with is finding the right UX methodology. Companies are trying to build a clear design process with the intention of improving the overall experience for their users, often with limited resources.

“How do I structure my design process?”
“What are the essential steps?”
“Do I really need to do a customer journey mapping?”
“How important is usability testing?”

To help you answer these questions, at World of Digits we have developed a UX Toolkit.

Discover our 360° UX solution

To start, we have a Board Game with the UX Process as it’s implemented at World of Digits. You can use this path to structure your project.

This is an ideal process when you have enough time and budget. Of course, it is possible to run shorter sprints. You just need to follow the short cuts or skip the steps you don’t think are necessary.

For our 4 phases displayed on the board – Discover, Define, Design & Test, Care – we have selected a range of methods and techniques you can run during that phase.

Those methods & techniques are displayed in our Card deck and a brochure to give you all the needed information.

For the main methods & techniques we’ve also developed Scripts you can use to guide you on how to run those methods & techniques. These Scripts are a full step by step guide with, if needed, a template.

Here are some tips to get you started with UX

1. Evangelize

Within a design process, you are often confronting different stakeholders who all have their specific needs. Your job is not only to fulfill the needs of those stakeholders but mainly the needs of the end user. Therefore, it can be helpful to give your colleagues an introduction to UX. It can be a Lunch & Learn on the topic, or a hands-on workshop. Be sure that what the user really wants’ is understood by all stakeholders.

2. Foresee time and resources

You can’t do UX without the user. Which means you need to foresee time and money to research the needs of your user and / or to usability test your design. Make sure to foresee this within the planning and budget of your project.

The project leader is not convinced? Imagine that solving a problem within the design phase costs 1 euro. To solve that problem during the development phase will cost 10 euros. Solving the same problem once your product is ‘live’ will cost up to 30 euros. So, it’s definitely worth investing at the start to save later on.

3. Shape a process that fits your company

Every company is different, even every team of every project is different. Make sure to shape a methodology in a way that will work for the specific context you are working in. Of course, there are some steps you can foresee for most of the projects.

UX methods and techniques

Considering a UX approach when working on a project is essential. At the end, it will help you save money and time by deeply understanding your end user’s needs and developing a product or service responding to their expectations.

Whether you are new on the UX topic or have already some experience, we developed in addition to the toolkit, training and workshop programs that will give you practical tips & tricks to get you started with User Experience Design.

Whether you are new to the topic of UX or have already some experience. The training teaches you how to use concretely our UX toolkit and at the end of the training you will get your own.

Ready to add structure and user centricity to your upcoming projects?
Discover our offer or contact us directly.


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