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Case Study | Web Agency How to Align Your Website to Your Business Goals

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Rome was not built in a day, neither should your website!
Building a website appears to be a long, iterative process that can span several weeks, even months if you want to make sure each aspect is carefully considered. A great website takes all these aspects into account and aligns them with your business goals. Let’s find out what it is all about and how our web agency is handling it.

From your brand strategy to your website

Your website needs to be reflective of your brand, your business goals, and the actions you want your users to take. The message you get across needs to be clear and concise while information needs to be easily found. But sometimes, you can feel overwhelmed while thinking on how you approach each step of your project.
Of course, there is not only one good way to reach your goals, but there are some good practices we can share with you.

First of all, here are some questions you can ask yourself before starting.
This will bring you out of the fog:

🔎 Who is your target audience?
🔎 What is the purpose of your website?
🔎 What information and content are your target audience looking for?
🔎 Are there any actions you want them to take?

It is important you take time to think of it carefully because this will define the direction of your digital project. Once you’ve got the answers then you are ready to go further. When building a website, we consider there are 4 main aspects you need to work on.

4 aspects to build a great website

Architecture: Information is easily found
Content: Message is clear and concise
Design: Get a strong branding
Development: Make sure your website code is optimized



About SteepConsult

SteepConsult is a service provider in the consulting sector. They support organizations to bring the best out of everyone involved in the value process. They do it by helping their client to:

Identify rising trends and test business models to exploit them
Get a present & future overview on teams’ workload to better prioritize strategic initiatives
• Clarify requirement, manage projects, and improve processes

Their Challenge

Following a strategic overhaul, SteepConsult needed to rethink their website to align with their new positioning, which also led to the need for a new artistic direction.
As a result, they needed a new brand website to better reflect that new positioning and strategy.
Long story short, SteepConsult wanted to put their expertise forward with clear communication about their target. To do so, the message needed to be cleared up, the architecture reorganized, the design refreshed while developed under flawless code. The wish was also to focus on a website that converts (candidate & sales leads).

Our approach

We make sure to provide functional and user-centric websites that you can easily update on your side. In fact, we turn your needs into digital features.

What our web solution do consist of

• Architecture challenged and built from scratch regarding business goals
• New modern design matching last web standards (dark mode)
• Content is adapted to perfectly fit the website
• Development (back-end and front-end)
• Animation to round off user experience and to highlight information

Who’s the target of this solution? Who might need it?

Just like SteepConsult, B2B companies or any other business keen to

• Improve lead generation through their website,
• Showcase their expertise and achievements
• Display the right info at the right place

Our goal is to build user-centric websites that convert and bring businesses to the next level in terms of digital conversions.

Benefits of the solution

Our web agency top’s advantages

We have built a website that is highly customized to client needs. Our clients are continuously aware of how the project is going and which actions they must take at which moment. And of course, we make sure to set regular checkpoints with our clients at every stage of the process.

Our Project Management team does not communicate by email!

Instead, we use two very useful tools which ensure a smooth and quick communication process.

  1. Figma -This platform allows you to discover and explore the design we create for you and comment them directly.
  2. Monday – This visual platform helps you to follow your project. Forget e-mails: all pages, features and bugs are listed and discussed here, in the form of tickets. Faster, more reliable, more efficient than other tools.

Why it was relevant regarding our client’s challenge

Our client’s need here was not only about developing a website. Their challenge required great design skills mixed with a strong WordPress expertise. Indeed, UX is good for users (front), but we ease the life of those who have access to the back end (easy to use back office) for better flexibility. Our goal is to allow our clients to easily make content updates on their website so that they no longer depend on developers’ resources.

SteepConsult’s feedback

“Thanks to WOD’s thorough work on UX & UI, our website visitors finally understand and recall our value proposition! Number wise, the number of returning visitors got multiplied by 4!”

Quentin, Marketing & Communication Officer at SteepConsult

Why did you choose our web agency, including UX workshop at the start of your project?
“Well, we didn’t have much choice but to hire the best website agency in Brussels 😉 Joking aside, we knew their 360° solution was exactly fitting our needs. WOD’s approach is not only about building a website but takes other aspects into account.
there are different complementary profile in their web team which allows a total control of the situation. Besides, World of Digits also offers other services which can connect with this solution. It allows then to ask for additional services with the same team. That’s what we needed since we wanted a long-term relationship with our web agency!”

How did it help you?
“World of Digits has been able to deliver a website which is not only beautiful, fully, functional, but most importantly also highly customizable!
More than a project, this was an investment. Thanks to WOD’s divine intervention, we’re now able to create website pages on our own that fits our brand atmosphere and without the intervention of developers.
On top of that, World of Digits has created, from scratch, and with high accuracy, the artistic direction of the website, which now guides all our other design choices for other documents.”

Now that you have your website online, what’s next?
“We are developing maintenance and new features according to our future needs.”

Would you work again with WOD agency? Why?
“We already have! And are super happy 😊 We took World of Digits’ services for video creating and editing and it became our most successful campaign so far.”

Do you need support on your website building or maintenance from our web agency ?

At World of Digits, we combine expertise, strategy, and passion to support and develop your new website.

We always put the users at the center of our approach and ensure that your target audience gets the best experience while surfing on your website.

Discover more about our web projects. You’ll be able to find our case studies and more about our way of working.

Or contact us directly, we would be happy to hear from you and your project!


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