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7 reasons why as a Project Manager, you should have a SCRUM certification.

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Let’s face reality: it is time to get back to work, more motivated than ever! Since you are still in a good and sunny mood, why not taking advantage of those remaining summer vibes by passing a SCRUM certification?

Become Certified

SCRUM is an Agile framework which is easy to understand and so efficient that it saves you time and money.

In other words: it’s the way of working you always wished to create!

“The productivity rate of Agile project teams is 25% bigger than their industry peers.” Infoq

Agile Scrum training

As SCRUM is the most popular framework Agile organizations use nowadays, having the keys to pass a SCRUM certification will be more helpful than ever.

Whether you are already working with the SCRUM framework or not, whether you already know what a Product Owner is or not at all, there are plenty of reasons to devote a bit of your precious time to this…

1. It is less complicated than you think.

Agile and SCRUM might sound like complicated concepts, but is it based on very simple beliefs. In Agile, we value people more than tools. We focus on responding to change, more than following a specific plan. I am sure this makes sense for you too!

2. If your company is not Agile yet, there is a big chance it will be!

If you are working in the digital or IT sector, you won’t be able to avoid Agile and SCRUM… At one point, your organization will have to make her transformation. So why not being ready? Or even more: why not being the instigator of the change?

3. Start applying Agile approach in the right way!

You bragged about your Agile knowledge to increase your chances to be hired? That’s fine, we all did that. But it probably means you are conscious of the asset it could bring for you to know it. Don’t be content with just a superficial knowledge, there is so much interesting things you could learn by knowing SCRUM by heart! You’ll finally make all those agile buzzwords fit in the conversation with your colleagues. backlog, user stories, DoD, increment,

4. Your team is less productive than it could be.

Are you working on the building of a software, a service or a product with your team right now? For how long, and when was the initial deadline for? Having SCRUM certification won’t save all your time management problems but in average, teams that are implementing SCRUM, used to spending half of their time to manage people than teams who didn’t implement it… And if you are as good as the team at ING, it can even be 4 times less time spent on management practises! That’s exactly what they achieved since they started working Agile in 2015.

The outcome? 4 time more time to listen to their customer needs and to improve their satisfaction. Does that not sound like a goal to you?

5. Make the difference between a “Scrum Master” and a “Product Owner”.

Because you always thought a Scrum Master was some kind of an esoteric guru, and in a way.& It always puzzled you. Let’s get this straight: Scrum Master is not coming to meetings with candles and incense sticks. The word “master” means he masters the SCRUM, not his team member’s brain… But this does not mean his role is not crucial: he is the servant leader of an entire team. The swiss knife that can remove pain points from every work environment, the welcoming shoulder that can listen to everybody’s deepest anxieties. He is the solution finder, the coach, the teacher, the SCRUM expert… Let’s say it, he’s the God of SCRUM. Can you tell me who never dreamt to be a God one day?

You heard the Product Owner can decide whatever he wants in a project and that sounded quite appealing to your ears… Well, OK, this might not be exactly the reality.
Actually, the Product Owner is the one responsible for creating the product that will have the biggest value on the market. His daily life? Make sure the potential and time of every team member is used in the right way. Its daily motivation? Make every users and stakeholders of a product happier than the day before. His weapons? An eye on the market, another on what competitors do, and a third one on what the customer truly needs. The Product Owner certification might not grant you with a third eye, but it will definitely help you to be the star of your product!

6. It’s time to give another perspective to your Project Management career.

If you feel stuck and powerless in the way your projects are handled right now, or if you’d like to specialize or reorient your work journey, here is your solution! This SCRUM certification will give you all the necessary assets to optimize the way you are working every day, as a person but also as a team!

7. Get an official diploma to add on your CV.

Once you took the SCRUM exam, you get your own diploma. A printable version is available and you can even add it on your LinkedIn profile.

Let’s be honest, you’ll probably be able to learn a lot about Agile and SCRUM by browsing on the Internet a few nights long. But if you don’t mind putting on decent clothes and getting up to participate to a dynamic training, we might have something interesting for you!

The aim here is not to tell you how to do your work, but to show you how you can facilitate and improve what you are doing every day.

At World of Digits, we offer a 2-day training to teach you all about SCRUM and to turn you into a Product Owner or a Scrum Master. Our promise? To prepare you so much for your certification that passing the exam will give you the feeling of eating a piece of cake.

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written by Laura Letenre


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