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At World of Digits, our goal is to deliver consulting services that create outstanding experiences for your employees and your customers. Not just some of them. All of them.

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Design Sprint | Solve your business problem

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Find a concrete solution within 3 days thanks to our Design Sprint Workshop.

The Design Sprint is a 3-day workshop for answering critical business questions, accelerating idea developement and getting clear data through design, prototyping and testing with customers. This 3-day process is the best way to know if you are going in the right direction and if spending time and money are worth it!

  • Fit

    Validate the desirability of your idea and test it on customers

  • Phase

    Build and test a prototype within 3 days and educate your employee with a hands on method accelerating creativity.

  • Positive Impact

    Nurture your users and be sure you offer them the best product or service

How does it work ?

Whether you are a startup or a large organization, the Design Sprint is a transformative solution allowing you to test ideas. Within 3 days, you’ll turn your idea to a prototype to decisions. Eventually saving your team countless hours and euros. A must do for entrepreneurs of all stripes. Discover more

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Day 1:

Map & find

Our mission is to have an overview of your business problem and its resolution. Together we put ourselves in the shoes of YOUR customer and we take into account his "customer journey", detect pain points and opportunities to seize! In the afternoon we generate ideas to solve the elected issue. At the end of the day, the team stops on the best solution and off you go!

Day 2:

Sketch & design

We define together the storyboard of the solution elected on day 1 and our UX designer realizes the design of a first prototype. We prepare together the user test day of the next day.

Day 3:

User test

A panel of 5 users come to test your prototype. The team observes, takes note during the test phase. At the end onf the day, thanks to defined KPI the team wrap up with a final validation or non validation. In case of a validation, we gather information and define the next steps of your product (roadmap & backlog) and prepare the phase of refinement, development and launch (Agile Methodology)

Meet our Design Sprint facilitators team

  • Design Sprint | Solve your business problem

    Julie Derouwaux

    Design Sprint Facilitator

  • Design Sprint | Solve your business problem

    Alexander Vandebeek

    Design Sprint Facilitator

  • Design Sprint | Solve your business problem

    Claire Dominioni

    Ux / Ui Designer

  • Design Sprint | Solve your business problem

    Antony Paquay

    Ux Architect

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Design Sprint | Solve your business problem

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