Our process clarifies the digital innovation journey

Our Digital Innovation and Transformation solutions are designed to help CDO’s and Innovation Managers conceive, lead and execute digital innovation initiatives based on digital & business model transformation.

A step by step process


Our digital innovation solution includes 5 key steps to help organization develop digital innovations.

Design your digital innovation journey

We strongly believe that the digital age is rapidly changing the fundamental nature of many organizations in a wide range of industries. That’s why executives need to understand digital-centric innovation practices to ensure smooth transformation.

We will introduce you to the critical elements of designing and developing digital products and services. We will see how these can be conceptualized, tested and how the results can be managed to look for the right product-market fit.
We may work on: leadership and cultural values of digital transformation, identifying and integrating technology, organizational processes, channels and data that will lead to innovations initiatives, like new user experiences, business models, real time business intelligence and other digital opportunities.


Understand, anticipate and innovate around your industry customer expectations.

Insights and ideas by looking for digital global innovations.

Our experts will dive into a active online database containing hundreds of trends and thousand digital innovations cases. We will create insights on how to take advantage of digital  and business model innovation in your field.

Key Trends

Identification of key digital trends impacting your organization (Societal, cultural, regulatory, technology & socioeconomic trends)

Industry Threats

Identification of substitute products and services, new entrants (disintermediation), competition  and stakeholders

Personas & On-line Audience Analysis

Understand your key audiences, their journey and what they expect


Understand the Business Model Digital Innovation.

Our Design Thinking Driven Methodology to Support Your Innovation Strategy

Our workshops helps organizations design a clear view on how to take advantage of digital technologies and direct them towards the innovations they need to focus on. We also provide a consistent approach to test & measure products/services for a better go to market.

Part 1 : Business Model Innovation Workshop 

Analysis of key digital trends impacting your business model. Ideation for new business models and digital innovations.

Part 2 : Ideation, Co-creation & Mobilization 

Identification of substitute products and services, new entrants (disintermediation), competition  and stakeholders.

– Identification of potential initiatives

– Ideation for new business model & digital opportunities

– In option: process analysis, data mapping, customer journey analysis

Part 3 : Building Awareness & Your Inno-Systems

Building awareness among the top management is good, but building a Inno-System (innovation network of internal and external specialist) is even better. In this workshop, we’ll help you pitch your innovation and defining a strategy to reach it. We will keep the concept specific enough to give your network a clear direction, while giving them the flexibility to co-create on it.


The fundamental activity of this phase is to turn ideas into products, measure how customers respond, and then learn whether to pivot or not.

Knowing where you stand on your innovation journey

Test and Measure phase may sound simplistic, but it has been a very successful technique for businesses that developed products on the “just do it” approach with an incremental, iterative methodology that replaces hypothesis with knowledge and certainty.


Planning of your organization’s Digital projects

Development of your Roadmap

Together we will prioritize all your opportunities to develop an actionable roadmap.


Identification of all the digital opportunities that will support your strategic goals.


Analysis of your digital opportunities and all the touchpoints between your organization and your customers/users.


Building an actionable roadmap based upon prioritization, evaluation, dependencies, people, their skillsets, their enthusiasm to change, budgets, and strategic impact.


Management of your day-to-day digital innovation activities: tracking progress, stakeholder reporting, managing change and people to ensure a smooth digitalization.

Full innovation management lifecycle.

Our agile approach of digital projects, will help you plan your projects, manage new and evolving requirements and all your communications. Our experts know how to successfully plan, run and control digital projects.


  • Digital Innovations crafted for the market/departments
  • Metrics for the job to accomplish
  • Data on the context of work
  • Flexible business unit model
  • Thoughts about the mission and the context


  • Digital Innovation spirit
  • Metrics on the income statements
  • Data on the clients/ Digital Projects
  • Implementing and testing processes
  • Voice of the company, product, market, clients and competitors


  • Effective Digital Innovations
  • Balance sheet and reporting on metrics
  • Data on the costs and the efficiency
  • Rigid business unit model to favour modularity

Ready to start a digital innovation?