Your digital challenges

Digital transformation involves imagining new business models, customer or user experiences, and operational processes. It also implies connecting and engaging people through emerging technologies in ways that create deeper relationships with your customers.

Creating lasting transformative digital capabilities requires you to build a customer-centric culture within your organization.  It’s a complex process, but it’s necessary to survive and thrive in today’s economy.

On the digital transformation journey, the first step is to know where you stand to define from there a roadmap towards a digitally transformed company. We therefore created the Digital Maturity Audit to help companies identify opportunities and threats within their organization.

“The riskiest thing you may do is maintain the status quo.”

Bob Iger

CEO and CDO, Disney

Digital maturity audits

We designed 2 version of the digital maturity audit

Single person audit

part 1 – Discover your current digital position along 2 key axis : Digital Capacity and Managerial Capacity

part 2 (optional) – Get a clear view and applicable recommendations on the  4 dimensions of digital transformation governance:

  • Clarity of destination: are the objectives clear and understood?
  • Mobilization: are the people motivated to realize this journey towards this destination?
  • Internal support : do they get the means and training to translate this motivation into concrete actions
  • Control & performance management: are the appropriate incentives in place to sustain these initiatives? Is it measured and managed?

Transverse company audit

Upon request, we can create your own secure environment to diffuse a questionnaire to all your departments.  We will then provide a full report identifying:

  • The perceived digital maturity throughout your departments
  • A view on the 5 pillars of digital maturity
    • Governance & leadership
    • People and culture
    • Technology, innovation
    • Capacity & capability
  • A view on the 4 pillars of digital governance
    • Clarity of destination
    • mobilization
    • internal support
    • control & performance management
  • A gap analysis throughout management layers (e.g. perceived dynamic & mobilization by department, by management layer)