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5 great UX Podcast channels that keep you in the loop

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Listening to podcasts is a good alternative to reading and can be more convenient also. Indeed, you can do other things at the same time like cooking, tidying up etc. But are you tired of what you used to listen to and are craving for a deep talk to learn even more about User Experience? Look no further, we have listed 5 channels that share interesting insights about UX!

1. UX Podcast

This channel is not only for UXers but for everyone with a foot in the digital door. Twice a month, they update new content about UX sometimes more general sometime more specific.

Recommended latest episodes:

201 Consistencty
220 Positive user experience
224 The business value of design with Jeanne Liedtka

2. UI Breakfast

On UI Breakfast you will be able to find a lot of different podcasts closely or remotely linked to UX.
They find a way to implement UX in topics you wouldn’t think about like in the episode 159, Designing for Analytics with Brian O’Neill.

They also bring precious insights on key issue. In the episode 150 they go deep in the Product-Market fit understanding.

Their actionable knowledge is shared so that you can apply them to your business

3. The futur

In that channel, three main topics are developed, creativity, business and personal development. They deal with the multiple aspects of design, from creativity to strategy, branding, marketing and lead generation. It’ a gold mine of content for anyone who wants to improve their business performances.

Deep Dive: Branding, Sales and Creativity

4. What is wrong with UX

What is wrong with UX, hosted by Laura Klein (author of UX for Lean Startups). Different current UX topics are dealt with such as Design and story telling or Agile and UX. They also share methods and give advice like e.g. tips for remote design. Those podcasts have a very interesting content for designers who want to better understand how to build great products. Also, they don’t hesitate to share funny stories from their careers, making sure that each episode is full of actionable advice.

5. Boagworld UX show

Paul Boag and Marcus have one mission, thanks to Boagworld podcasts, they share the latest best practice in User Experience design. They put forward main UX topics such as research, design, usability… Discover how to Improve Your Projects With Lean User Research.


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