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At World of Digits, our goal is to deliver consulting services that create outstanding experiences for your employees and your customers. Not just some of them. All of them.

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UX toolkit

We help you crafting better and more creative solutions for usability problems thanks to our UX Toolkit. Find the right methodology to make your designs user centric.

Training & Workshop
What is it


  • A Board Game with the UX Process as it's implemented at World of Digits. The perfect overview that helps structuring & building your project.
  • A Card Deck with the description of each method and technique of the UX Process. Some scripts (= guide + template) allowing to run the methods & techniques are online.
  • A Brochure with all the information you need to run a UX project.


For the main methods & techniques from the cards, we've developed their scripts including a guide and if needed, a template. The scripts allow you to run the methods step by step.

See our scripts

Get the toolkit


Add structure and user centricity to your upcoming projects. Get your own UX Toolkit by attending either one of our UX workshops or one of our UX Toolkit trainings.


3-hour Workshop for UX Experts

Kickstart your UX Project with our inhouse
3-hour training on how to use the UX Toolkit. Get your own kit to structure your projects.

A great way to introduce UX within your company.

Learn how to use our UX Toolkit and start creating user centric products and services.

1200Eur / Group

5 pers max - 5 kits included.


3-day Training for UX beginners

Take your first step into the UX world with our 3-day workshop. We share with you practical tips & tricks to get you started with User Experience Design.

Next session
6th, 7th & 8th of November
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Day 1

Introduction into UX, learn how to conduct user research, build persona's, map out a customer journey and ideate around pain points.

Day 2

How to focus on the information architecture, build a sitemap, navigation and wireframe by using Invision Studio.

Day 3

Build a clickable prototype with the wireframes you created, run a usability test with this propotype and start the UI Design.

1495Eur / Person

TVA exl. - kit included

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