World of Digits helps you embrace the social media world by creating and developing specific and factual content as well as smart paid media strategy for your brand. Day after day, we guide and support your presence on social networks thanks to significant results that justify your investments.

The combination of content creation, community management, targeted amplification and results optimization is the best way to engage your audiences and achieve your marketing objectives, also providing a clear ROI.

At World of Digits, we focus on personalised services and a constant follow-up in order to continuously provide the best solutions available for each platform.

Social Media is changing each and every day. This is the reason why we frequently align your digital marketing strategy to keep your results greater; especially with the current high pace of social media innovations.



Improve your visibility towards potential customers


Improve your ranking on search engines and get your website found on the internet


Share your brand’s identity and values to gain trust


Establish a real conversation with your customers


Share products & services to existing and new customers


As you now know Why you should communicate on Social Media, we will help you define How and Where to interact with your fans and potential customers. Through your knowledge of the market and our expertise in content creation and conversation management, your story & brand will be ready to sparkle on social networks.

Establishing a content strategy is important in order to create a strong link between your fans and your brand.


For several years, social networks have been developing their marketing tools to provide relevant data and precise targeting for brands. At world of Digits, we are aware of the fact that a good content needs a specific amplification to better perform and to achieve your business objectives.

By creating a smart social strategy and by defining relevant audiences to target, we ensure that your messages will be conveyed. By tracking results along with continuously optimizing your strategy, we guarantee that your final ROI will be more than satisfying.

Do you need awareness, engagement, traffic or leads? Let our team create greatness for and with you!


At World of Digit, we truly believe that before taking any action on social media, you should fully understand the current social media phenomena. This is the reason why our team is always happy to show why Social Media is valuable and efficient to all types of businesses.

Through our Consulting Program, we help you define the main KPI’s. We also recommend the best practices to implement on each and every platform.

Through our Coaching Program, we provide pieces of advice and share our know-how and know-why to train your team members to become skilled social media advertisers.